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"Beautiful Life, Realizing Dreams Rivers and Mountains" culinary display event ended successfully

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  Safe production is the basic guarantee for protecting people's lives and property and promoting social and economic development. At the moment when the 21st "Safety Production Month" in the country is being launched, Han Jianheshan PCCP Division has made a unified deployment, combined with the actual situation of each branch, focusing on the implementation of the "Five-point" measures of the Safety Committee of the State Council, to " With the theme of complying with the safety production law and being the first responsible person", a series of colorful safety production publicity and education activities have been organized to promote the concept of safe development and bring together the synergy of safe development.

  In order to carry forward the traditional food culture, advocate the life concept of "green, nutritious and healthy", enrich the cultural life of employees' spare time, build a platform for employees to display cooking skills, and promote teamwork and cohesion, the PCCP Business Department and the Waifu Engineering Party Branch jointly held the event. "Beautiful Life, Realizing Dreams Rivers and Mountains" as the theme of the staff cooking demonstration activities.

  The activity scene was in full swing. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and did the work. Some burned firewood, some washed vegetables and dishes, and some cut vegetables and side dishes. The division of labor was clear and orderly. In front of the stove, the cooking masters were gearing up to show their skills, steaming, frying, frying, frying, and stewing. The contestants looked at the heat and competition skills, fully demonstrating their skillful cooking skills.

  The sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy tastes of life are reconciled, and the pots and pans play a harmonious movement. After a while, a delicious dish with all the colors, flavors and fragrances will be displayed in front of everyone, making people drool. Everyone sat around, savoring their sweat and the team's joint efforts to create results, admiring each other and having fun.
  After the event, colleagues said that the event not only allowed everyone to enjoy a relaxing and happy time outside of the intense work, but also inspired us to stay on the job and work hard.

  This event not only successfully built a platform for employees who love cooking to showcase their cooking skills, but also increased the fun of cooking and enjoying food for employees, and brought the distance between everyone's hearts closer. Cooking with friends, eating for fun, promoting the traditional Chinese virtue of working together and helping each other, enriching the amateur cultural life of employees, creating a good atmosphere of warmth, harmony and friendship, and adding the most beautiful fireworks in the world.