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Han Jianheshan successfully participated in the 9th World Water Forum and World Water Exhibition

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From March 21 to 26, 2022, the 9th World Water Forum and World Water Exhibition was successfully held in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

From March 21 to 26, 2022, the 9th World Water Forum and World Water Exhibition was successfully held in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. The theme of the forum is to promote sharing and exchanges in the field of water among countries around the world. After the first Marrakesh, Morocco, this forum returned to Africa after a lapse of 25 years. The President of Senegal, leaders of several African countries and leaders of international organizations attended this water forum.



Minister Li Guoying delivered a speech at the ministerial meeting on March 21

During the forum, Li Guoying, Minister of Water Resources of my country, attended the Ministerial Meeting of the Forum by video and delivered a speech, and attended the Ministry of Water Resources-UNESCO-Africa Water Resources Side Meeting by video. Vice Minister Tian Xuebin attended the forum on "Improving Water Disaster Response Capability through Technology, Data and Knowledge Sharing" by video. Experts from scientific research institutes and engineering projects participated in nearly ten summit forums and important high-level activities on site or via video, and comprehensively strengthened exchanges and cooperation in water policy, management, technology, standards, etc. on international bilateral and multilateral occasions , to discuss and promote the implementation of the water-related goals of the Sustainable Development Agenda in Africa, and make suggestions for the development of water conservancy and science and technology in the world.



"China Water Conservancy Achievement Exhibition" at the China Pavilion

In the China Pavilion, the "China Water Conservancy Achievement Exhibition" organized and planned by the Ministry of Water Resources of China comprehensively introduces China's water control ideas and practices to the international community, shares China's advanced technology and experience, and showcases the Chinese government's efforts to vigorously promote the high-quality development of water conservancy in the new stage. 



As a member of the World Water Council, Han Jianheshan actively integrates local water conservancy projects with the international market. As the only domestic concrete product company invited to participate in the exhibition, he showed the latest technology and main products to the international water conservancy counterparts. During the exhibition, many officials and enterprises from Brazil, Nepal, Ethiopia, Spain, Senegal and other countries came to our company's booth to visit and negotiate. This exhibition has made positive contributions to enhancing the international influence of China Water Resources.




Xiao Han, Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of Senegal, and Fu Xun, Chairman of the World Water Council, attended the press conference of the English and French versions of "Mountain Floods Are Coming" in the China Pavilion and delivered speeches. The heads or project specialists of UNESCO, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the China-EU Water Resources Exchange Platform, the Turkish Water Resources Agency, the Senegal River Basin Management Organization and other institutions also participated in the China-EU Water Resources Exchange Platform seminar, technologies and experience in ensuring water security He hoped to continue to strengthen partnership building and spoke highly of the organization of the activities.



Group photo of China-EU water resources exchange platform activities



Group photo of the staff of the China Pavilion of the 9th World Water Show

The World Water Forum and the World Water Exhibition held concurrently are initiated by the World Water Council and have been held every three years since 1997. They are the world's largest and most influential international water events. The previous forums have brought together heads of state and dignitaries, representatives of international institutions, academics and entrepreneurs, and have become a professional exchange platform for the international community to carry out water-related policy dialogues, joint research and business cooperation.