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Han Jianheshan thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the group work report and the chairman's important speech

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On February 28, 2022, Hanjian Group held a work meeting at the beginning of the year. At the meeting, General Manager Tian Yanwei made an annual work report, and Secretary Tian Guangliang delivered an

On February 28, 2022, Hanjian Group held a work meeting at the beginning of the year. At the meeting, General Manager Tian Yanwei made an annual work report, and Secretary Tian Guangliang delivered an important speech. Compose a new chapter of high-quality development. From March 3rd, according to the requirements of the group, Heshan Pipe Industry timely arranged the management team and party members of each subordinate unit to study the work report of Hanjian Group and the important speech of the chairman, and convey the spirit of the meeting to every cadre and employee.

In response to the six-point requirements put forward by Hanjian Group, President Tian Yubo pointed out in his study that all employees must work together, unite, effectively unify their thoughts and actions with the decision-making and deployment of the group party committee, and strive to create a new situation in various work. The new actions and new performance presented a satisfactory answer to the Group. In 2022, Han Jianheshan will carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering spirit of Han Jianhe people, while ensuring the main business of PCCP, vigorously develop the environmental protection market and adjust the industrial structure, so that Han Jianheshan can successfully complete the industrial transformation and build the company into a multi-industry A high-quality enterprise with multiple supports and sustainable development, and strive to make Hanjian Heshan an economic pillar enterprise and a golden brand of Hanjian Group, so that shareholders can be assured and satisfied, and employees can live and work in peace and contentment.



On the afternoon of March 3, led by the Party branch of the agency, Han Jianheshan Headquarters conducted layer-by-layer learning and conveying the spirit of Secretary Guangliang's speech through the official WeChat public account, OA platform, the company's official website, WeChat work group, etc., to ensure that every cadre Employees can learn in place, comprehend in place, and implement in place. At the same time, we convene party members and party activists to talk about their perceptions, practices, and experiences based on their respective work, so as to ensure that they understand and learn thoroughly, can take on stronger responsibilities, and consciously put their own work in the overall situation of the company's development to think.

All party members of the party branch of the agency and heads of various departments have said that they will closely focus on the group's established work policy in 2022, implement the spirit of the meeting, give full play to the pioneering and exemplary spirit of party members, and do a good job in the decomposition of annual business management goals and tasks, and separate actions. Grasp the implementation, do a good job in service and supervision, ensure the smooth development of various businesses of each unit, and strive to make the greatest contribution in their respective positions.



On the afternoon of March 4th, the PCCP business department organized a party day event with the theme of "deep learning, understanding and strengthening the foundation". Fu Liqiang, general manager of the PCCP business department, read out the Hanjian Group's work conference report at the beginning of 2022 word by word at the meeting, and asked all the Party members and comrades carefully study, deeply understand, and implement the spirit of the report. At present, the Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China is accelerating the promotion of water diversion projects such as water diversion from central Yunnan, Han to Wei, and Jiang to Huai, key water source projects such as Dongtaizi in Inner Mongolia and Kurgan in Xinjiang, and the follow-up project of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project - the project of diverting the river to fill the Han Dynasty is being prepared start. Large-scale water conservancy projects such as the allocation of water resources around the Beibu Gulf and the water diversion of the Xiongan Canal in Hebei are also being implemented at an accelerated pace. Faced with major development opportunities, whether we can seize them depends on everyone's hard work and hard work. Through today's study, we must closely combine the requirements in the work report with our actual work, formulate work plans according to the actual situation of our company, take effective measures, and mobilize and encourage all employees to devote themselves to the work.

The party members of the PCCP Waifu Party Branch said that the work report of the group at the beginning of the year outlined the outline and pointed out the direction; Secretary Guangliang's speech was high-level, comprehensive, and inspiring. In the next step, we must proceed from the actual work, and solidly study, understand, implement, and implement the spirit of Secretary Guangliang's speech, and push all work to a new level; at the same time, we must strengthen the sense of goal, responsibility, loyalty Fulfill your responsibilities, have the courage to take responsibility, and successfully complete all tasks in 2022 with the spirit of seizing the day and working hard.