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Jilin branch donated anti-epidemic materials to Yidan town government

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Recently, the domestic new crown pneumonia epidemic has occurred frequently in many places.

Recently, the domestic new crown pneumonia epidemic has occurred frequently in many places. The epidemic prevention and control situation in Jilin Province is severe and complicated, and the demand for epidemic prevention materials has increased sharply. The virus is ruthless, but there is love in the world. At a critical moment in Jilin Province's fight against the epidemic, our Jilin branch took the initiative to undertake social responsibilities and actively participated in the "epidemic" of the national war against the new crown virus.



On March 20, Zhang Qintian, the regional manager of Jilin Branch, and Fu Lizhong, the deputy manager, went to the Yidan Town Government to donate protective clothing, rice, eggs, vegetables and other materials to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Yidan Town.

Yang Fan, the deputy mayor of Yidan Town, received the donated items on behalf of the street and expressed his gratitude to our Jilin Branch for its kind deeds. Mayor Yang said that at the critical moment when the whole country was fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the charity and love of Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Jilin Branch fully demonstrated the social responsibility of the company, conveyed positive social energy, and contributed to the epidemic. Prevention and control work has added strength. I believe that with the help of all sectors of society, Itami Town will surely win the battle against the epidemic.

In the next step, the Jilin branch will consolidate the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, pay close attention to various epidemic prevention and control work in the spirit of time and time, and coordinate various work such as epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, and strive to be first-class and strive for the first. , to make greater contributions to the second phase of Yinsong Water Supply Project.