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Beijing Hanjianheshan Shangqiu Branch won the honorary title of advanced unit in the construction of the Jiangjiang-Huaihuai Project (Henan Section)

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Recently, Henan Province Jiangjihuai Engineering Co., Ltd. issued the "Notice on Commending Advanced Units and Individuals in the Construction of the Jiangjihuai Induction Project (Henan Section)", and Beijing Hanjian Heshan Shangqiu Branch was awarded the Jiangjihuai Induction Project (Henan Section) 2021 Annual Construction Advanced Unit Honorary title.

The project of diverting the Yangtze River to Huaihe River is a major water resource allocation project that supplies water across the basin from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River to the middle reaches of the Huaihe River. Our company undertakes the first bid project for the procurement of pipes for the Jiangjiang-Huaihuai Project (Henan Section). The water pipeline in this bid section is 30 kilometers long, using PCCP pipes with an inner diameter of 3 meters, and double-pipe water transportation. The design flow is 22.9 cubic meters per second. The water pipeline needs to pass through three major rivers such as Guohe and Yongangou, Yongdeng Expressway and three provincial roads such as S326 and S206. The pipelines have large diameters, many models and complex construction site conditions, making production and transportation very difficult.
 Since the start of the project, all employees of the company have worked together to overcome the new crown epidemic; carefully organized to overcome many difficulties such as extreme rainstorm weather, muddy factory areas, and poor roads; optimized resources, and got rid of difficulties such as the increase of warehouses in the factory area and the price increase of raw materials, etc. The plant construction, material inspection, PCCP and steel parts processing and transportation have been successfully completed, and various tasks assigned by the owner and the head office have been successfully completed.
 Chen Chong, the person in charge of Shangqiu Branch, said that in the next step, the company will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of Han Jianheshan, stay motivated in the new year, work hard, ensure product quality, meet the project progress, and successfully complete the tasks of the project contract. Hand in a satisfactory answer sheet with the head office.