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Han Jianheshan held the 2021 annual summary and commendation and 2022 annual work mobilization meeting

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On the afternoon of January 15, 2022, Han Jianheshan held a large-scale video conference at the main venue of Hancunhe and various branch venues in Waifu to summarize the work in 2021, analyze the new situation faced by the development of the company, and adjust the division of work of the company's executives. Recognize outstanding employees of the year and deploy key tasks in 2022. Vice President Hui Heshuang presided over the meeting, Vice President Fu Liqiang read out the annual work report, and President Tian Yubo delivered an important speech. Company executives, more than 200 cadres and outstanding employees from the company headquarters, Beijing business department, PCCP business department, environmental protection business department, Qingqing Environmental Protection Company, Hezhong Building Materials Company, Hebei Environmental Management Company and other units attended the event. Meeting.


The report pointed out that 2021 will be a year for Han Jianheshan to "accumulate the transformation and upgrading of the industry and realize the rapid development of the enterprise". Relying on the three major projects of PCCP's main business, the company has overcome many unfavorable factors such as the epidemic, rising raw materials, market tightening, and policy orientation, and achieved good results. The company successfully completed the private placement in 2021, optimizing the company's capital structure and providing a strong guarantee for subsequent operations. At the same time, each project department actively promoted the adjustment work and successfully completed the goals and tasks at the beginning of the year. Hezhong Building Materials and Qingqing Environmental Protection actively overcome the impact of the environment on the company, constantly adjust their business philosophy, continue to develop market channels, and make significant contributions to the company's annual profit.


The meeting emphasized that 2022 is the year of industrial transformation for Han Jianheshan. The company will seize the opportunity, give full play to the capital platform, seek new business thinking, inject new ideas into the secondary market, and gradually build the environmental protection industry into the main industry. Taking the environmental protection business department as the leading role, relying on Qingqing Environmental Protection and Hebei Environment, vigorously develop the environmental protection market and adjust the industrial structure, so that Hanjian Heshan can truly achieve multi-industry, multi-support and sustainable development.

At the meeting, Chairman Tian Yubo signed the 2022 annual business target responsibility letter and the safety and environmental protection responsibility letter with the company's executives, the heads of various business departments and directly affiliated companies, clarifying the key tasks and tasks in 2022, and reporting to the company. The senior management team and the leadership of each subsidiary company put forward specific requirements: first, to establish a sense of the overall situation, clarify work goals, unify the thinking of all employees, and be frank and tolerant in work; second, always pay attention to policy orientation, Recognize the current situation, keep up with the times, lead by example, be selfless and fearless, and set an example in the first place; the third is to carefully analyze and interpret the annual business goals, formulate work plans, and break down the annual work tasks to ensure that all tasks are in place. ; Fourth, all functional departments of the headquarters are required to provide strong backing for profit-making units.

The president pointed out that in 2021, with the strong support of the major shareholders Hanjian Group and Secretary Tian Guangliang as always, with the concerted efforts of all employees, the company has overcome difficulties, kept making progress, and forged ahead, and achieved good results, which is gratifying and worthwhile. celebrate. 2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Han Jian Heshan. There will definitely be many difficulties in the process of enterprise transformation. All our cadres and employees must take the development of Heshan as their own responsibility, take the realization of personal value as the driving force, and establish a harmonious relationship with the enterprise. The value of sharing weal and woe and common development requires overall awareness, implementation awareness and development vision.


The president emphasized that, whether it is our achievements today or future development, Hanjian Group will always be the pinnacle of the rivers and mountains, the senior management team is the source of power for the company, the middle-level cadres are the backbone of the company, and the grassroots employees are the future and hope of the company. 2022 In this year, let all our employees work together to make the greatest contribution to Heshan's successful transformation and development!