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Hanjian Heshan Inner Mongolia Branch won the honorary title of "Advanced Purchasing Unit" for the PCCP pipeline section of the Liaoning Project

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On December 24, 2021, Inner Mongolia Yinchuo Jiliao Water Supply Co., Ltd. held an annual work summary meeting. At the meeting, the owner fully affirmed Hanjian Heshan Inner Mongolia Branch's PCCP pipe production progress, quality management, after-sales service and other work, and awarded Inner Mongolia Branch the title of "Advanced Purchasing Unit", and awarded Inner Mongolia Branch Manager Bai Bai Fushan "Excellent Project Manager", awarded Chief Engineer Han Baoshan "Excellent Technical Personnel", awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Quality Management Personnel" to Luo Haifu, Director of Quality Inspection Department.

Integrity is the life of an enterprise, and striving for high-quality projects is Han Jianheshan's solemn commitment to the owner. In the process of contract performance of the Yinchuo Jiliao project, Inner Mongolia Branch earnestly implemented the ISO9001 quality management standard. From the incoming inspection of raw materials to each production process, it always adhered to source management and process control, and each workshop strictly implemented the operation instructions and technical notices. Strictly implement the three-inspection system of class inspection, re-inspection and special inspection, achieve layer-by-layer checks, all-round management and control, strictly implement process quality assessment methods, and strictly implement accountability and cause analysis for any quality problems to ensure that each link reaches the standard. Reverse the sequence, so that the good rate of the pipes can reach 100%. The company's work attitude of striving for perfection has been awarded as an inspection-free unit and an integrity unit by the owner successively.

Strict discipline, responsibility to people, and equal punishment and reward are the basis for continuously improving the management level of the enterprise. Since its establishment, the Inner Mongolia branch has continuously summed up work experience, improved the work system, and used the comprehensive evaluation system of the workshop to boost the production atmosphere of the workshop. Appropriately, use the cost analysis system to reduce material waste; use the safety education system to reduce the hidden danger of safety accidents; use the criticism and self-criticism activities to continuously analyze self-promotion and improvement, the implementation of various systems greatly improves employees' work enthusiasm and salary, and production efficiency is greatly improved. Improve to ensure that the quality and quantity of pipe production are completed.


Sharp sword from the sharpening out, plum blossom incense from the cold weather. In 2021, under the leadership of the manager Bai Fushan, all employees of the Inner Mongolia branch overcame many difficulties such as epidemic prevention and control, worker shortages, and material price increases, and produced 7,314 sections of pipes throughout the year, exceeding the annual production task.


Flowers and applause only represent the past. In the coming 2022, all employees of the Inner Mongolia branch will stick to their original aspirations, unite as one with the mentality of "returning to zero", and work together to strive for more honors for Han Jianheshan, and to attract more money. A magnificent chapter has been written in the annals of the Liaoning project.