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Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipe Industry was awarded the top 500 Chinese building materials enterprises

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   On December 15, 2021, the China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association held a press conference for the 2021 Top 500 China Building Materials Enterprises series activities with the theme of "New Journey, New Mission and New Action" in Guiyang. Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Participated in the selection and won the title of China's Top 500 Building Materials Enterprises in 2021.

   In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, guide my country's building materials enterprises to deeply understand the opportunities and challenges they face in the new development stage, and implement the development concept of the China Building Materials Federation of "skilled in business and products for the benefit of mankind", and fully participate in the construction of In the new development pattern, insist on becoming bigger, stronger and better, and accelerate the cultivation of world-class enterprises with global competitiveness. China Building Materials Enterprises Association provides decision-making basis for government departments, provides reference for building materials enterprises to formulate development goals, and provides a platform for enterprises' strategic decision-making and brand building by launching a series of publishing activities for the top 500 building materials enterprises and publishing the development analysis report of the building materials industry. In order to ensure the authority of this selection, the data collection work is collected through various channels such as recommendation and review by local building materials associations and building materials professional associations, enterprise declarations, public information analysis, and research on enterprises, and finally release the information of winning units according to the ranking. .

  Since 2013, Han Jianheshan has been shortlisted in the top 500 Chinese building materials enterprises for many times. The company has always maintained continuous innovation in the PCCP industry, especially its excellent performance in large-scale water diversion projects, which has won unanimous praise from the owners. In 2021, the company will once again be rated as one of the top 500 Chinese building materials enterprises by virtue of its outstanding performance in the three major water conservancy projects of diverting Chuo to Liaoning, the second phase of Jilin diverting Song, and the diversion of Jiang to Huai. Facing the current situation and challenges of the development of my country's building materials enterprises, Han Jianheshan will combine the theme of the conference, constantly combine "new journey, new mission", and strive to obtain "new achievements". With the help of the broad platform of the capital market, we will further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, continue to promote brand building, and help Chinese building materials enterprises continue to be better and stronger with high-quality engineering and innovative technologies.