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Fangshan District Changyangbo led a delegation to Hanjianheshan Inner Mongolia Branch for investigation

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Recently, the deputy secretary of the Fangshan District Party Committee and acting district Changyangbo led the district party and government delegation to visit Tuquan County, Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and went to the Inner Mongolia Branch of Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. to understand the situation of docking support and cooperation. Tian Guangliang, a representative of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hanjian Group, participated in the investigation. Qu Zhennian, deputy head of the Xing'an League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the main responsible comrades of Tuquan County accompanied the investigation.

Yang Bo and his party investigated the production development of the Inner Mongolia branch

    In the Inner Mongolia branch, Yangbo has a detailed understanding of the production process of PCCP pipes, the project of attracting to Liaoning and Beijing-Mongolia cooperation, etc., and gives the Inner Mongolia branch attention to product quality, efforts to help the poor, and strengthening corporate culture. I fully affirmed it, visited and consoled the poverty-stricken households working here, and encouraged them to strengthen their confidence, work hard, and make life better.

    At the subsequent symposium, Tian Guangliang reported to the leaders the development history of Hanjian Group and Hancun Hecun, as well as the achievements and next-step work plans of the group's deep-rooted industry development in Tuquan. Wang Yongjia, the magistrate of Tuquan County, said that Hanjian Heshan Inner Mongolia Branch has greatly promoted the economic development of Tuquan County, filled the gap in the local industry, and achieved remarkable results in employment, taxation, and poverty alleviation. The government of Tuquan County will continue to deepen the connection with enterprises and service enterprises, strengthen the communication and exchanges between the government and enterprises, and strive to support and build the enterprises well, so that the enterprises can develop better in Tuquan County.
    Qu Zhennian pointed out that Hanjian Group has a relatively large influence in the whole country. During my work in Tuquan County, I organized cadres to study in Hancunhe many times. Fruitful results have been achieved. It is hoped that Hanjian Group can explore adding an agricultural sector, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Tuquan County, and use the platform and influence of Hanjian Group to promote the green and organic agricultural and animal husbandry products of Tuquan County to the Beijing market.
    Yang Bo expressed his gratitude to Hanjian Group for its contribution to the Beijing-Mongolia cooperation, and put forward three hopes for consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation, promoting rural revitalization and accelerating its own development: First, Hanjian Group will continue to serve Beijing-Mongolia. Contribute to collaborative work, combine the main business of Hanjian Group with the development of Tuquan County, especially invest more in agriculture and other projects, and play a good role as a bridge between Fangshan District and Tuquan County. Second, Hanjian Group should continue to give full play to its own advantages and achieve innovative development in the fierce market competition. Third, it is necessary to further subdivide the fields, give full play to the advantages of flexibility and change of enterprises, seize the development opportunities of Beijing and other regions to promote rural revitalization, focus on projects with strong vitality, and give full play to Han Jian people's hard work and daring to make breakthroughs. Tradition and the spirit of tackling tough problems, promote the industrial upgrading and development of the group, and build the Hancun River into a more beautiful, more civilized and more prosperous.