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Han Jianheshan's PCCP accessories standardization project passed the acceptance of the expert appraisal committee

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On the morning of September 28, Hanjian Heshan PCCP Division held a seminar on research and application of PCCP accessories standardization technology in Shuozhou Branch. Experts in the PCCP industry such as Meng Jinzhong, Nan Yanbo, and Wang Feng were specially invited to this conference to guide and judge this research topic.


   The research on standardization of PCCP accessories is one of Han Jianheshan's 2021 annual scientific and technological research and development projects. To this end, the company transferred technical backbones and established a technology research and development team to solve the problems of large differences in similar parts of PCCP, long production cycle, and impact on construction progress. After repeated demonstrations, the technical research and development team concluded that the standardized design of PCCP accessories can make the accessories interchangeable and universal, and then standardized, streamlined and automated mass production by the factory, which can effectively reduce the impact of accessories on the project.

    At the meeting, the expert group listened to the report of the research group on the standardization technology of PCCP accessories, inspected the on-site display of PCCP accessories, and reviewed the relevant technical materials. After discussion and review, the appraisal committee agreed that the project has achieved the expected results, has broad application prospects and has promotion value.
    The expert group believes that this topic will promote the development of the PCCP industry from four aspects: first, the research on the standardization of PCCP accessories is the first in China. If the experience is successfully promoted, it will fill the gap in the industry; second, standardized accessories can better Adapting to the construction under various complex conditions on the project site, it will effectively speed up the construction progress; the third is the standardization of PCCP accessories, which can realize the automation of factory production, reduce the workload of on-site welding, and improve the quality of on-site installation; fourth, realize the standardization of PCCP accessories, which can save engineering Invest.
    So far, after more than six months of research and production of standardized accessories, Han Jianheshan has completed all the work of the project and successfully passed the acceptance of the expert appraisal committee, which marks that our company has reached a new level in the field of PCCP. Greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the PCCP industry.