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Han Jianheshan's "Core Manager Training Camp" project ended successfully

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The yellow leaves fill the sky, and the autumn colors continue to wave. October 2021 has quietly gone, and the two-year "Core Manager Training Camp" project of Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has also come to an end. The stones of other mountains are used to attack jade, and the leaders of a hundred families are to support themselves. Since the autumn of 2019, the spring flowers have bloomed twice, and the migratory birds have flown south twice. Time is silent, but we are quietly changing and growing.

     Middle managers are the mainstay and backbone of an enterprise, and are crucial to the development of an enterprise. In order to improve the management level of the company's middle-level employees, strengthen the professionalism of management work and the professionalism of employees, the Human Resources Department of the headquarters planned a "core manager training camp" project for employees at the executive level and above in the fall of 2019.

    The training camp lasts for three months each, with two offline seminars per month, including three elementary classes and one advanced class. The courses of the training institutions have distinct themes and are mainly divided into six modules: self-management, business management, team management, talent management, financial management and organizational management of managers according to the degree of difficulty and the field of work. The course content includes systematic explanation of theoretical knowledge, application of tools and methods, case analysis, classroom discussions and homework exercises. Since the start of the training camp, a total of 24 middle-level cadres have signed up to participate and have been promoted to varying degrees. All middle-level cadres strictly abide by the training discipline, perform well in the classroom, and actively complete their homework online after class, and they all obtained the certificate of completion after the training.

    In the follow-up visits after the training sessions, the training institution said that Han Jianheshan employees have a high degree of participation in training and a high degree of homework completion, and many trainees and their teams have won the best performance award and team award. According to the lecturer's review, Han Jianheshan's employees have a more pragmatic style because of the characteristics of the industry. They have more positive and active participation and feedback on on-site seminars and team activities, which can well mobilize the trainer's enthusiasm for teaching and make the training more effective. Quickly enter the cycle of virtuous interaction.

   Trees in ten years, people in a hundred years. Although the training program of "Core Manager Training Camp" has ended, the work of corporate talent training continues. The cultivation of talents in an enterprise is by no means a one-off event, nor is it only a matter of human resources organizers, nor only a matter of leaders. It is a matter related to the development and future of the enterprise, and requires everyone to actively improve their enthusiasm for learning, sincere cooperation, and win-win cooperation. To the ruler of the world is in talents. For enterprise management, the role of each person is very important. I hope that each and every one of us and each team can take self-improvement and continuous growth as the goal, and accumulate and make small gains. , to contribute its own light and heat to the development and future of the enterprise.