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South-to-North Water Diversion

On November 18th 2005, Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipeline Co., Ltd. succeeded in winning the bid for PCCP manufacture for the Middle Line of South-to-North Water Diversion in Beijing. The total length of the pipeline was 51 kilometers, and the contract value of the winning bid was 556 million Yuan, which was the largest single contract amount of the PCCP manufacturing industry in China at that time.

Because it was the first time for our country to produce and use DN4000 PCCP pipeline in this project, there were many unknown factors and technical difficulties in manufacture, anticorrosion, transportation and installation, so the project was very challenging. Hanjian Heshan fully exerted its own advantages and cooperated with relevant units inthe South-to-North Water Diversion Pipeline Test Section, and a large number of technical problems, such as socket sealing system, external anticorrosion material and construction technology, cathodic protection scheme, capability test and improvement of domestic equipment etc, were successfully solved, which provides the scientific research experiment results of guiding significance for the whole line construction of PCCP pipeline project of South-to-North Water Diversion Project.

The successful development and application of DN4000 PCCP pipe is a historic leap in China's concrete pipe industry. It marks that the production technology of concrete pipe in China has reached the internationally advanced level.






Diversion of the Yellow River to Shanxi

In January 2009, Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipeline Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the procurement project of PCCP for north trunk line for Diversion of Yellow River to Shanxi Wanjiazhai, and the contract value of the winning bid was 528 million Yuan. This project is also the second single project in PCCP industry exceeding 500 million Yuan after the emergency water supply project in Beijing section of South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The project was completed in September 2011.

As the important coal and electricity energy bases, the per capita water resources of Datong and Shuozhou are only 322 cubic meters, which is far lower than the national average. As the second phase of Diversion of Yellow River to Wanjiazhai of Shanxi, the north trunk line is aimed at improving the situation of serious water shortage in the northern part of Shanxi Province. The pipeline starts from water division gate inXiatushai of Xiatushai County, flows through Pinglu, Shuozhou, Shanyin, Huairen to Qiangkuangbao Reservoir in the southern suburb of Datong. The total length of the pipeline is 161.1 kilometers, with the annual water diversion capacity of 560 million cubic meters and the estimated investment of 4.86 billion Yuan.

The project can increase the industrial output value by 40 billion Yuan to meet the needs of 4.5 million people for domestic water. It plays a supporting and ensuring role in improving the living standards of local people and sustainable economic development.







North Hubei Water Transfer

PCCP procurement (II) of the third batch of projects of water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei in 2015, that is, bid section 20 of water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei, with a bid winning amount of about 886 million. This section is the largest in the whole project.

The water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei is located in Hubei, which is the largest investment among the 27 major water conservancy projects deployed and constructed in China in 2015. After the completion of the project, 4.82 million people along the line in Northern Hubei will bid farewell to the history of drought and water shortage and drink "Danjiang water". The water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei is a class II project, with a total construction period of 45 months and a total investment of about 18 billion yuan.

The water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei takes Danjiangkou Reservoir as the water source, takes water from Qingquangou of Danjiangkou reservoir, crosses Gangdi in Northern Hubei from northwest to Southeast, passes through Laohekou City, Xiangzhou District and Zaoyang City of Xiangyang City, suixian County, Zengdu district and Guangshui city of Suizhou City, and ends at wangjiachong reservoir of Dawu County of Xiaogan City. The total length of the water transmission line is 269.67 km. The whole line of the project is self flowing water diversion. 36 reservoirs in the water receiving area are used for joint operation. 24 water outlets are set. The designed water supply population is 4.82 million and the irrigation area is 3.635 million mu.

The construction tasks of water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei are mainly urban and rural living, industrial water supply and agricultural water supply in Eastern Tang. By returning the agricultural irrigation and ecological water consumption occupied by cities and improving the water conditions for agricultural irrigation and ecological environment in this area, the dilemma of drought in Northern Hubei will be fundamentally solved. It is planned to divert 1.398 billion cubic meters of water from Qingquangou in 2030. On the basis of ensuring the water supply of 628 million cubic meters in Tangxi Yindan irrigation area and not affecting the water transfer of the first phase of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, it will supply an average of 770 million cubic meters of water to Northern Hubei for many years. The beneficiary area of the project covers 10200 square kilometers in Northern Hubei, ensuring the safety of domestic and production water in 67 towns.

Project of diverting Songhua River into Changchun

In 2016, the company successfully undertook PCCP, diverting Songhua River into Changchun, with a contract value of 389 million RMB. The project is located in the central part of Jilin Province. The water supply scope of the project is: Changchun City, Siping City, Liaoyuan City, Jiutai City, Dehui City, Nong 'an County, Gongzhuling City, Lishu City, Yitong County, Dongliao County, Changchun Shuangyang District and other 11 cities, counties, districts, and 25 towns near the water supply line. The project includes the water intake, the water supply main line, the Changchun trunk line, the Siping trunk line, the Liaoyuan trunk line, the Fengjialing water distribution hub and the ancillary projects along the line. The project line is 263.45 kilometers long, with a total construction period of 6 years and a total investment of 10.1 billion RMB. After the project is completed, it can meet the drinking water of 9.9 million people.


Project of attracting to Liaoning Province

In December 2018, Hanjian Heshan successfully won the first bid for the procurement of pipe section of water transmission project of diversion chao'er river into west liao river (PCCP pipes), with a bid winning amount of 658 million yuan.

"project of diversion chao'er river into west liao river project " is one of the major projects to implement the "water coal combination" strategy in eastern Mongolia, which can greatly alleviate the serious water shortage in the Xiliao River Basin of Inner Mongolia and provide a strong guarantee for promoting the optimal allocation of regional water resources and sustainable economic development. The project mainly includes water diversion from chao’er River to west liao River to supply water to cities and industrial parks along the line. The project takes into account the functions of power generation and irrigation. It is a national large-scale first-class project. The water conveyance project crosses Taoer River and Huolin River from north to south, involving Xing'an League and Tongliao City, and finally reaches Molimiao reservoir, the main stream of West Liao River. It is composed of water intake, tunnel, culvert, inverted siphon, penstock and other buildings. The total length of the water conveyance line is 390.26km, including 173.76km long tunnel and 203.83km long PCCP pipeline.

This bid section is the company's first PCCP project in Inner Mongolia. The successful bid will add another milestone to the company's main business development. The company promises that Hanjianheshan will continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of "taking quality as the guarantee and integrity as the cornerstone", build the "yinchuo Jiliao" project into a conscience project and high-quality project, and make new contributions to the development of water conservancy in China.






Introduce Jiang to Huai

In January 2020, Hanjian Heshan successfully won the first bid for pipe procurement (PCCP pipe) of the river diversion to Huaihe River Project (Henan Section), with a bid winning amount of 640 million yuan.

The water diversion project from the Yangtze River to the Huaihe River is a large-scale inter basin water transfer project focusing on urban and rural water supply and the development of Jianghuai shipping, combined with irrigation and water replenishment and improving the water ecological environment of Chaohu Lake and Huaihe River. From the south to the north, the three sections, namely, the Yangtze River to the nest, the Yangtze Huaihe River to the Huaihe River and the Yangtze River to the north, have a total length of 723 kilometers, including 88.7 kilometers of newly opened canals, 311.6 kilometers of existing rivers and lakes, 215.6 kilometers of dredging and expansion, and 107.1 kilometers of penstocks.

The water supply scope of the project covers 12 cities in Anhui Province and 2 cities in Henan Province, with a total of 55 districts and counties. Among them, there are 46 counties (cities and districts) in Bozhou, Fuyang, Suzhou, Huaibei, Bengbu, Huainan, Chuzhou, Tongling, Hefei, Maanshan, Wuhu and Anqing, covering an area of about 70600 square kilometers. The estimated total investment of the project is 91.271 billion yuan and the total construction period is 72 months.