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  Party Group Construction


In order to strengthen the work of party organization, the party organizations of the company always insist on organizing party members to study the relevant documents of the CPC Central Committee on a regular basis in order to improve their ideological understanding and respond to the Party's call; The party organizations of the company carry out various party members and public activities and sets up the posts of model party members, so that all members of the party can play exemplary and leading roles. Under the impetus of the model party members, the whole company staff's ideological consciousness and professional ethics have been further improved in the actual work. Under the influence of the old party members, the party organizations of the company have developed a number of activists and integrated them into this harmonious family. At present, all party members actively participate in all the beneficial activities arranged by the party organizations, help enterprises unite the staff and workers, achieve humanized management, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, and create a positive, healthy and upward image among the staff and workers. Important contributions have been made, in order to promote the development of enterprises, promote social harmony, and consolidate the ruling foundation of CPC.