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China is one of the countries with the least water resources per capita in the world, and its distribution of water resources is very uneven. Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipeline Co., Ltd. engages into the industry related to the water conservancy. Since its foundation, Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipeline Co., Ltd adheres to its lofty ideal of serving the country with industrial accomplishments, and holds the consistent mission and responsibility of devoting to water services, fortune creation, returning to shareholders and welfare for employees, and the footprints of Heshan people have stepped across the dry earth, and the products of Heshan people have sent the clear spring for the area lack of water, from "South-to-North Water Diversion" to " Diversion of Yellow River to Shanxi ", from " North Diversion of Huaihe Water " to " Pingshang Water Diversion." .


The Company relies on quality, develops on honesty, frames its spirit through hard struggle and builds its brand through great efforts. Heshan people repay shareholders with rich profits, and repay employees with peaceful living and happy working, repay customers with high-quality products, and repay the society with successful implementation of each high-quality project.


With the continuous advancement of the National "13th Five-Year Plan" and "14th Five-Year Plan" to the ecological and environmental protection industry, the three major battles of "clear blue sky, clear water and pure land" have become the key points for China's future development. Hanjianheshan closely follows the pace of national policy development, firmly grasp market opportunities, and promote enterprise upgrading and transformation. The company put forward the enterprise vision of "green city development service provider" and chose "green building + green environment" as the development direction, from a building materials production company to a green technology service company. To this end, the company in further strengthen and consolidate the dominant position in the main business area, to the Environmental Protection field. Taking atmospheric treatment and sewage treatment as the main directions, the Environmental Protection industry will be constantly strengthened and the concept of environmental protection will be gradually created. The company actively participates in the Belt and Road Initiative and seeks cooperation and development with countries along the route. Hanjianheshan is constantly moving toward a more diversified industrial structure, more stable economic support, a greener business model, and a wider operating platform. Walking on multiple legs and operating in all directions will truly realize the comprehensive, stable and sustainable development of enterprises. It provides comprehensive, systematic, reliable and excellent integrated services to the society in various fields such as water resources, air resources, and infrastructure construction, and works tirelessly to improve the ecological environment of China's water resources, combat atmospheric pollution, and improve the quality of life of the people.


Finally, on behalf of the company's board of directors and senior management team, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all levels of leaders, shareholders and all sectors of society who have cared for and supported the development of Hanjian Heshan over the years!