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Since the introduction of PCCP production technology in my country in the early 1990s, PCCP products have been widely used in various large-diameter and long-distance water delivery projects with their excellent performance and remarkable characteristics, and have achieved good social and economic benefits. The first phase of the Yellow River Diversion Project in Wanjiazhai, Shanxi Province, the E-Jiwu Project in Xinjiang, the Eastern Shenzhen Water Supply Project, the Beijing Zhangfang Water Source Emergency Water Delivery Project, the Dalian Emergency Water Delivery Project, the Zhejiang Ningbo Tangpu Reservoir Water Delivery Project, and the Jiangsu Water Supply Project It has been applied in Changzhou Wujin Yangtze River Water Diversion Project.


Especially in the emergency water supply project of the Beijing section of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, which has attracted worldwide attention, PCCP pipes with a diameter of 4 meters are produced and used for the first time in China, and the length of the double-row laying pipes is about 112 kilometers. Its pipe diameter is large, the line is long, and the covering soil is the most among similar projects in China. With the active efforts of all participating units, a series of key technical problems such as structural safety, quality control, manufacturing and installation of super-large-diameter PCCP have been solved from the aspects of pipeline design, process technology, and equipment level. The project has now been completed and opened to water, successfully achieving the goal of emergency water supply in Beijing. At the same time, this project is also a milestone in the development of my country's PCCP pipeline industry, marking that my country's PCCP pipeline manufacturing technology level and installation and application have reached the international advanced level.